After all, the world looks drastically different from the shore, the sky, and the depths of the sea.

Stella Merriss has never felt like she belonged anywhere--her family was always on the run. During a daring escape her parents suddenly disappear into stormy, shark-infested waters. Alone and unsure of her future, she learns the truth: that she's actually half angel, half mermaid. Stella has no choice but to join an elite angel apprenticeship program where--despite having to hide her dual nature--she finally feels as though she has found a home.


But villainous forces are gathering to strike against Stella's newfound home and attack the three Timekeepers who spin and weave the fateful Thread of Life. Evil Lord Sylvain and his army will stop at nothing to corrupt the Laws of the Universe and bend them toward his own vile agenda. A child of land, sea, and sky is the only obstacle standing in his way.


In this epic battle between good and evil, Stella and her friends must defend against the armies of Lord Sylvain or see the realms of land, sea, and sky plunged into chaos.

M. Shawn


M. Shawn Petersen began to tell stories almost as soon as he could talk, but it took him years of traveling the world to find his story. When he is not writing, he loves to travel, create new stories, and passionately pursue personal development. Stella and the Timekeepers, Petersen's first novel, originally came to him in a dream, but it wasn't until he committed it to paper during National Novel Writing Month that this epic story sprouted wings and took flight.

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